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30-Day Social Media Fast

At the beginning of November, we challenged our little group of followers to 30 days without checking in on the socials. While our challenges are typically of the nature to push users to think about their relationships with their tech use, this particular one stemmed from my own conviction to take a break from the new...



Analog Adventures: Reading Books

Reading is an amazing resource. It: Builds empathy (Scientific American, 2013)Develops vocabulary. Just 10 minutes = 1 million additional words! (Logan et al, Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, 2019)Improves focus, stress, memory, & academic success (NCU, 2015), (ASCD)Is the key to life succe...



Is My Child’s Tech Use Healthy? (RESET #1)

How do I know if my child's tech use is healthy? We can actually know fairly quickly. We start by asking a simple question: Does their tech use get in the way of their relationships and responsibilities? I've talked previously about how there are really two types of tech: Tool Tech and Drool Tech. Today we're ...



Let’s Reclaim Play

“Play doesn’t just help us to explore what is essential. It is essential in and of itself.” -Greg McKeown We need to reclaim play. When we talk about technology, and especially about healthy tech, we must combat the idea that we’re somehow at war with play and fun. In fact, exactly the opposite is true: Hea...



Three Traits of Drool Tech

There are really two types of tech: Tool Tech: Helps us create Drool Tech: Helps us consume We've previous about the difference between Creating vs. Consuming with tech. Today we're going to look at three signs of Drool Tech: Rapid Rate of Stimulation Built In RewardsPassive Participation Let's look at ...



Tech Challenge: Turn Your Phone To Grayscale

We’ve got a pretty serious tech infatuation in America. The average iPhone user unlocks their phone more than 80 times a day, checks it every 12 minutes, and 50% of Americans say they couldn’t live without it (Wired, 2018). I do need my phone, don’t I? I use my phone for work, directions, contact with my family ...



Family Framework: Social Media

Social media can feel a bit like the Wild West at times. As parents we feel overwhelmed with questions: What is okay? For how long? How much is too much?Will my child make good choices? What happens when they don't? What should I do when their friends make bad choices? How do I manage who they contact online? ...



Is Disney+ Worth The Investment?

Disney has officially entered the battle for your time and dime. For months they've been amassing their forces for war: In October they stopped allowing Netflix ads in their contentIn May they beat Comcast out as majority owner of the streaming service Hulu.For the last years they've quietly begun amassing their ar...



Two Types of Tech: Tool & Drool

There Are Two Types of Tech 1. Tool Tech: Tech we use to create.  2. Drool Tech: Tech we use to consume. Tool Tech & Drool Tech are not simply "good" and "bad" tech. Instead they are an easy way to distinguish types of tech that can have more negative behaviors. A growing body of research shows D...