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“Which Board Game Should I Buy My Kids?” (Marvel / Star Wars Edition)

A friend of mine wrote with a Christmas conundrum--he wanted to give someone a board game for Christmas but had no idea where to start. I asked him for the number of kids in the family receiving the game, their age range, interests, and attention span. His answer: 4 kids, ages 7-12, they love Marvel / Star Wars, and c...



Re-Establish Fun: Board Game Edition

Families around the nation are looking for ways to have fun outside of screen time. Kids are too! A recent study reports that our combined screen time during Covid is upward of 19 hours a day! We’re on screens for meetings, checking our widescreens when we’re board, updating our lives via screens and connecting wi...



4 Steps for Finding a Great Book

Step #1: Find a topic that interests your reader (not just you).   examples: Sports, dragons, history, a person, siblings, adventure, love. There is no such thing as the perfect book for every reader. Exhibit A: Pick up a best seller and tell me if you enjoy it. There's a really good chance you won't! The same...