Sparking Positive Purpose

Kids have amazing potential.

Sometimes all they need is a spark.

Flint and Iron exists to spark positive purpose in youth.

We equip parents and leaders with the tools and confidence they need to raise young people who love God and use tech.

We do this by connecting our technology to the gospel of Jesus Christ:

4 Resources for Gospel Tech:

  • Online Curriculum: A six-week study for helping our children be all God has made them to be.

  • Podcast: Practical steps for parents who feel outpaced and irrelevant in a tech world. 

  • Family Framework: A 30 day tech journey for families to apply healthy tech habits each day.

  • Book: A deep dive into the research and biblical context to connect our tech and the gospel.

Because together we can spark positive purpose in youth.

9th grade assembly: Love Means Choosing the Highest Good

7th Grade AVID Class: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

9th grade AVID: Go Pro In Life