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Is My Child’s Tech Use Healthy? (RESET #1)

How do I know if my child's tech use is healthy? We can actually know fairly quickly. We start by asking a simple question: Does their tech use get in the way of their relationships and responsibilities? I've talked previously about how there are really two types of tech: Tool Tech and Drool Tech. Today we're ...



4 Steps for Finding a Great Book

Step #1: Find a topic that interests your reader (not just you).   examples: Sports, dragons, history, a person, siblings, adventure, love. There is no such thing as the perfect book for every reader. Exhibit A: Pick up a best seller and tell me if you enjoy it. There's a really good chance you won't! The same...



Creating vs. Consuming: Clarifying Tool and Drool Tech.

There is a lot of scary tech research out there. We hear that tech can: impair attention (Mendoza, Pody, 2018)reduces test scores (Beland, Murphy, 2015)lower cognitive capacity (Weis, Cerankosky, 2010)be addictive (Freed, 2016; WHO March, 2018; Christakis, 2019)be a dangerous distraction (Ward, Duke, 2017; dscout, ...



Two Types of Tech: Tool & Drool

There Are Two Types of Tech 1. Tool Tech: Tech we use to create.  2. Drool Tech: Tech we use to consume. Tool Tech & Drool Tech are not simply "good" and "bad" tech. Instead they are an easy way to distinguish types of tech that can have more negative behaviors. A growing body of research shows D...



Healthy Tech Self-Check

Do I use tech, or does tech use me? Having conversations about healthy tech can be really difficult. We somehow feel like the conversation is both way too big (there are SO many ways to misuse tech) and too small (am I supposed to micromanage my family?). We have all kinds of doubts: What if I am making to...