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Analog Adventures: Reading Books

Reading is an amazing resource. It: Builds empathy (Scientific American, 2013)Develops vocabulary. Just 10 minutes = 1 million additional words! (Logan et al, Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, 2019)Improves focus, stress, memory, & academic success (NCU, 2015), (ASCD)Is the key to life succe...



Raising Porn Resilient Children

When addressing the topic of pornography today we can’t just say “not my kid!” We know that 98% of young people will see pornography by the time they’re 18.​​ So what do parents need to do?​​ I had a chance to speak with Greta Eskridge of @maandpamodern and she gave some helpful advice. You can list...



We Are Bored With Ourselves

“We are bored with ourselves, and often the most desperate, wasted hours are those we are forced to spend by ourselves”  -Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Works, 10:503, 1928-1931) Dietrich Bonhoeffer was speaking in the early 1930s when he spoke these words. They ring eerily true for us today, don’t they? In Mr...



Tech Challenge: Turn Your Phone To Grayscale

We’ve got a pretty serious tech infatuation in America. The average iPhone user unlocks their phone more than 80 times a day, checks it every 12 minutes, and 50% of Americans say they couldn’t live without it (Wired, 2018). I do need my phone, don’t I? I use my phone for work, directions, contact with my family ...



Is Disney+ Worth The Investment?

Disney has officially entered the battle for your time and dime. For months they've been amassing their forces for war: In October they stopped allowing Netflix ads in their contentIn May they beat Comcast out as majority owner of the streaming service Hulu.For the last years they've quietly begun amassing their ar...



Healthy Tech Self-Check

Do I use tech, or does tech use me? Having conversations about healthy tech can be really difficult. We somehow feel like the conversation is both way too big (there are SO many ways to misuse tech) and too small (am I supposed to micromanage my family?). We have all kinds of doubts: What if I am making to...