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Raising Porn Resilient Children

When addressing the topic of pornography today we can’t just say “not my kid!” We know that 98% of young people will see pornography by the time they’re 18.​​ So what do parents need to do?​​ I had a chance to speak with Greta Eskridge of @maandpamodern and she gave some helpful advice. You can list...



Let’s Reclaim Play

“Play doesn’t just help us to explore what is essential. It is essential in and of itself.” -Greg McKeown We need to reclaim play. When we talk about technology, and especially about healthy tech, we must combat the idea that we’re somehow at war with play and fun. In fact, exactly the opposite is true: Hea...



Tech Challenge: Turn Your Phone To Grayscale

We’ve got a pretty serious tech infatuation in America. The average iPhone user unlocks their phone more than 80 times a day, checks it every 12 minutes, and 50% of Americans say they couldn’t live without it (Wired, 2018). I do need my phone, don’t I? I use my phone for work, directions, contact with my family ...