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Three Traits of Drool Tech

There are really two types of tech: Tool Tech: Helps us create Drool Tech: Helps us consume We've previous about the difference between Creating vs. Consuming with tech. Today we're going to look at three signs of Drool Tech: Rapid Rate of Stimulation Built In RewardsPassive Participation Let's look at ...



Creating vs. Consuming: Clarifying Tool and Drool Tech.

There is a lot of scary tech research out there. We hear that tech can: impair attention (Mendoza, Pody, 2018)reduces test scores (Beland, Murphy, 2015)lower cognitive capacity (Weis, Cerankosky, 2010)be addictive (Freed, 2016; WHO March, 2018; Christakis, 2019)be a dangerous distraction (Ward, Duke, 2017; dscout, ...