Pornography is a topic we don’t even like to admit is a thing. There’s so much shame, guilt and confusion (along with a healthy slice of denial) in the area of sex and pornography that we often just don’t want to address the topic with our kids. Today we get a chance to talk with Greta Eskridge of Ma and Pa Modern (@maandpamodern) about her work to help families address pornography early in healthy, safe ways that keep parents as a resource and God’s design for each of us as the focus. Greta is passionate about helping parents protect their kids from the devastating effects of pornography and she loves to travel the country sharing her message of joyful, connected parenting. We’ll talk about how to address it, work through some helpful resources, and discuss ways we can better prepare, not just protect, our young people. 

A little about Greta! Greta’s a nature lover, book reader, and coffee drinker. She is a home schooling mom of 4, wife of 21 years to her husband Aaron, and an author and speaker. Greta’s first book, Adventuring Together, releases July of 2020 with Thomas Nelson (which is going to be an amazing source for working out those Analog Adventures!) 

 Greta would love to connect with you on her blog at and on her Instagram feed. You’ll find her there @maandpamodern.

Resources referenced in the podcast: