Today we get to talk about intentionally pursuing our children and what that looks like when we are often competing with tech for  time (either our own tech use or the tech use of our children). 

Often the default setting is to turn to tech when we are fatigued (individually and as we parent). We aren’t going to say that there isn’t ever a place for tech (in our own lives, for our kids to use, or even communal use); it’s often the easiest choice for us or to hand over to our children. But it’s not always the choice that allows for deeper relational roots to grow and for real discipleship opportunities to occur.

We’re going to specifically challenge the notion that if they’re quiet and occupied, then we’re all good.

This is a conversation that seems to come up more during quarantine than regular life, but since this is a new normal for awhile it’s all the more imporant to inentionally talk about how we can pursue our kids.