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Game Review: Fortnite

Game Grade: Skip It. Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android & iOS (on smart phones), Windows & Macs Rated: Teen for violence (see the ESRB rating here) Overview: Fortnite is a fast-paced online shooter where players compete to be the last person (or team) standing. The game is...



Episode 14: Top 4 Questions Parents Ask About Tech

There's a short list of questions that come up a lot. Today we're going to address the top four:  1. Should my child have a smart phone? 2. How much time should they spend on tech? 3. Which video games should they play? 4. Should they be on social media?   We'll tie these in with our understanding of the gospel to en...



Episode 13: The Perks of Being Unavailable

Anna and I get a chance to discuss the perks of being unavailable, both in our tech lives and in the craziness of regular life. There are lots of reasons we choose to be busy to the point of distraction, in our lives it is often “good” things we choose instead of the few “great” things we’ve been called to. T...



Episode 12: Transparent Tech

Today we’re going to talk about Transparent Tech—how do we lovingly keep tech open to conversation and in line with who we are and what we are called to be, have and do in Christ. We will address how our tech can be transparent in five areas. How we: Model tech use and raise children in way they should go Set ex...



Episode 11: Creating Analog Adventures

It's one thing to know my kid's had too much tech, it's entirely another to know what I can do about it! In the episode we talk about this idea of analog adventures - real world experiences that encourage their gifts, interests, and passions. God has uniquely designed each of our kids to love different activities, and ...



Movement vs. Action

"Never mistake movement for action." -Ernest Hemingway There’s a big difference between movement and action. Movement is just motion for the sake of motion. Action means we pick a course and stick to it. While the old adage is true that it’s easier to steer a moving ship, it doesn’t justify sailing the wrong ...



Is My Child’s Tech Use Healthy? (RESET #1)

How do I know if my child's tech use is healthy? We can actually know fairly quickly. We start by asking a simple question: Does their tech use get in the way of their relationships and responsibilities? I've talked previously about how there are really two types of tech: Tool Tech and Drool Tech. Today we're ...



Episode 10: Tech Wins

It's been three weeks - how is it going?  I know in our house, Pre Covid, the kids watched minimal TV. In Covid times, Miss Frizzle comes on once/day to teach science—and even that tiny change means my 6 year old will start asking at 8 am “When’s it show time?”. And I think I'm losing my mind. So today's episo...



Let’s Reclaim Play

“Play doesn’t just help us to explore what is essential. It is essential in and of itself.” -Greg McKeown We need to reclaim play. When we talk about technology, and especially about healthy tech, we must combat the idea that we’re somehow at war with play and fun. In fact, exactly the opposite is true: Hea...



The Importance of Boredom

I think the last two weeks of quarantine have taught me a valuable lesson - I’m terrible at being bored. How about you? It doesn’t take much down time for me to begin thinking back with fondness on tedious activities done outside the house - suddenly a trip with the kids to Costco feels like a vacation I’ve been ...