As I’m recording this from Washington State new measures are going in on this escalating virus pandemic: No groups larger than 50 can meet (so most churches are down), schools are closed for six weeks, and as of this morning all restaurants are closed for two weeks.

We all fear six weeks without plans with our kiddos and no outside resources or activities that can be counted on. But in the midst of all the crazy, what should we be doing? We hear lots of verses thrown around about not feeling anxious, but what about the anxiety I feel? Do I just tell myself to stop? I know I should’t fear, but I do, so now what?

In this episode I will share four encouragements we can all take to heart to help us love God and be faithful with the opportunities we’re given in this crazy season. We will:

  1. Focus on what is true
  2. Be a helper
  3. Reclaim the time
  4. Have a plan

This is a season we need to be reminded that fear is real, this world is broken, and God is working in it and through it and has invited us to be a part of that work. I hope this episode encourages you and equips you to better love God and use tech.