This game review guide is to help answer the question: “Mom and Dad, Can I Play This Game?”

This resource allows you to answer this question with your child. Go through the game grade together and talk about why this game is or isn’t a good fit for your family.

Each conversation will help make your family stronger and will build the confidence you need to love God and use tech.

1) Download the grade sheet!

You can do that here!

This sheet provides you with an easy-to-use resource for grading wether a game is a good fit for your family.

2) Watch the game review video (below).

This video will walk you through the quick process of assessing a game. Invest just a few minutes and you’ll see video games move from an area of conflict to an area of conversation.

This tool keeps you as the resource for your kids allows you to fight for your children, not simply with them, when it comes to games and tech.