Sparking Purpose

What Flint and Iron Does

Every day youth make major decisions that impact the rest of their lives. Flint and Iron challenges young people to reach their full potential as leaders in their schools, communities, and everyday lives.  Our goal is to spark positive purpose in youth.

The Process

Nathan brings stories, challenging questions, and a passion for seeing young people become all of who they can be. These stories are tied together with applicable statistics and facts. Powerful stories and questions engage students, the stats and facts allow students to develop meaningful ideas, critical thinking, and an ability to apply what they already know into their own experiences.

3 Ways to Engage:

  • Powerful School Assemblies: Nathan’s engaging talks provide a common language of purpose and potential for staff and students alike. He addresses topics relevant to young people: bullies, relationships, and living in a tech world.

  • Parent Workshop – Raising Healthy Youth in a Tech World: We must teach young people how to use tech and not let it use them. In a one-hour workshop Nathan answers three questions:

    • How do I know if my child’s tech use is healthy?
    • What can I do if it’s not? 
    • How can I support my child moving forward?
  • Create Useful Tools: Great content needs to last longer than an hour. We do this by equipping families and communities with the tools tools they need to raise healthy youth in a tech world.

Topics Include:

  • Technology

  • Bullies

  • Choices

Together we can spark positive purpose in youth.