Board games can be an incredibly replacement activity for unhealthy tech choices. Board games have a number of benefits because they:

  • Generally require others to play
  • Are difficult to binge alone
  • Provide fantastic adventures and intrigue
  • Develop problem solving and social/emotional skills

If you’ve heard of a game and want to know more, The Dice Tower is a great spot to start. They are knowledgable, kind, and have a ton of resources for families and individuals who want to know more about board games!

Click here to learn more about The Dice Tower!

You can also do some research on your own using a resource such as Board Game Geek. This resource has thousands of games rated by tens-of-thousands of board gamers. If you hear about a game, or simply want to see what is new, this website can provide a plethora of resources for your searching pleasure.

Click here to visit Board Game Geek!

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